Members of Lez Zeppelin Featured in ROCK BAND 2

The inimitable rocker moves of Sarah McLellan and Steph Paynes are featured in the universally acclaimed video game, ROCK BAND 2, where they embody the roles of female singer and female guitarist. Steph and Sarah spent a full day participating in motion capture filming (MOCAP) in order to record their moves for programming. The process required that they don skin tight scuba-like suits which were covered with sensors from head to toe. Then, eight hours of windmills, slides, high jumps microphone thrusts and general running back and forth, and two new digital rockers are born. An incredibly unique -- if exhausting -- experience. ROCK BAND 2 is set to ship for X Box 360 and PS 3 later this year.
Sarah and Steph Rockband 2

Perhaps this could be by Don (not verified)


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