Steph's BLOG: LED ZEPPELIN 02 -- One Year Gone.

It's taken me a year to get over it. That's probably the most accurate thing I can say about witnessing the brief but firey reunion of the three remaining members of Led Zeppelin -- plus the son of the fourth -- at London's 02 Arena last winter. The shock and wonder of it. The disbelief. The return of a sound.

There was the vision of Jimmy slung over his guitar, his white hair flying about his shoulders as one would expect of a Grand Wizard in the midst of his craft. Robert swaggering, mane and all, as if no time had passed. John Paul, ever deceptively demure, neatly devastating in his groove and prowess. And the younger Bonham rising to the event with the kind of energy and love that the band most likely possessed in 1968 when it was all new and still somewhat surprising.

This was the first time I had seen Led Zeppelin live. It will probably be the last. But, in this moment of weird revelation, I came to realize once again the depth and power of their musicianship and mystique. This kind of artistic presence does not simply come out of practice. It is either there or it is not. It is either brilliant for reasons we can't fully explain, or it is something else that usually fails to remain noteworthy for long. To capture it successfully and bring it to the world is a task of great endurance, and often a matter of just plain luck. So, to have seen the making of this music taking place before my eyes, was, a kind of miracle. It was proof, for someone who had only glimpsed the band through imagery from the past, that this tremendous and powerful sound that has put a spell on so many of us was not just a trick of imagination, but truly -- almost quaintly -- real.

Still. For those who were not there, I can testify that although it was a spectacle to behold, it can never eclipse what is out there at any moment for all of us to enjoy. It is that same feeling that envelops me when I pick up my guitar and venture into the music. It is the same wave that washes over you when Kashmir come streaming out of your iPod turning the street into desert sands. It is the return of a sound.

I just saw your Pittsburgh

I just saw your Pittsburgh show. Awesome energy and performance. One of the best rock shows I have ever seen.


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