Lez Zeppelin Debuts in Japan

On October 1, 2008, Lez Zeppelin played its first gig in Japan to a packed crowd at Tokyo's Quattro Club in Shibuya. The performance was the highlight of a four-day, non-stop press junket organized by the band's Japanese record label, Avex International, in order to promote LZ's debut album, which has already sold over 10,000 copies in Japan since its release in July, 2008. While in Tokyo, the girls made a special appearance on the renown national Japanese TV show, Music Fair where they played "Rock and Roll" live in the studio and participated in a humorous interview session conducted entirely in Japanese!

Other adventures included an appearance on the national radio station InterFM (Led fans: visit InterFM's Guest Archive and scroll through the archive gallery to the right to see that Jimmy Page was a guest on the very same radio show on January 28, 2008). The group also conducted interviews with FM Fuji, Adult Rock Magazine, Big Hit USA, Weekly Young Jump, Weekly Playboy, Young Guitar, Beatleg Magazine, Sankei News, Best Hit USA (TV), and Oto-Jikan (TV); as well as a memorable artist-to-artist interview and photo shoot with the inspiring Japanese rock singer, Anna Tsuchiya for the Flying Postman freepaper. The band ended its brief but incredibly exhilarating stay with an all-out Karaoke party hosted by Avex at the GalaDear restaurant in Akasaka. What a bootleg that would be...

Gargantuan kudos go out to all the hard-working people at Avex, the promoters and great new friends that welcomed the group so warmly and thoroughly to the Land of the Rising Sun. The band hopes to return to Japan early next year for a full-blown national tour.

We were deeply impressed by

We were deeply impressed by your fantastic performace at the live in Shibuya, Japan, and also greatly enjoyed ourselves watching the TV program Music Fair where Sarah humorously stimulated the audience by inviting others for dating and asking telephone numbers ! That's shocking enough for generally polite and shy Japanese guys.
After the live, you kindly gave us your signatures on your first CD, which my friend introduced with his greatest pleasure in his Japanese BLOG (http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/daguijin/diary/200810050000/).
We definitely look forward to seeing you again early next year for a full tour, hopefully with more songs of your own originals enslaving us.

With many thanks!


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