On the road again...

This lovely gray morning with a sky the color of the great English heath, we hit the road in our brand new, very own tour bus!  We call her Darlene, we call her Dom Perry-Neon, we call her the Great While Whale!  It is her maiden voyage and she has done us proud.  We are so happy relaxing in the "back lounge" on our leather couch that Elvis once slept upon, trying to figure out where to hang the trapeze.  As if that weren't blissful enough, once we arrived at the Sellersville Theatre, a lovely Victorian-esque burlesque in the heart of the Pennsylvania hills -- and we did arrive unscathed!  -- we set up all of our new OLD gear.  We are presently agog at the vision of it, as it sits in wait for our assault...

"Assault" doesn't begin to

"Assault" doesn't begin to describe that Sellersville show. You ladies were channeling the hammers of the gods last night! Thanks for an incredible show


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