Filet Mignon and Gong

Last night's gig at the Sellersville Theatre was duly marked by the conspicuous display of our newest toys (pics soon to be posted...), which happily withstood the promised assault of four girls in full feral energy at the front end of a tour.  Of particular note was the oversized Paiste gong looming over Harrington-Squyres' right shoulder, and the giant she-incarnation of Bonzo's symbol shimmering at every thunk of her impossibly large bass drum.

Sellersville, from what we could tell from the drive around the block in the bus, seems a quaint little town with a lot of old fashioned Norman Rockwell type of charm.  It would have been nice to actually take a walk down the block.  However, we did get incredible dinner boxes from the elegant restaurant next door featuring filet mignon for all, which went exceedingly well with the extra bottle of whiskey.  Beats beef jerky any day.  And, some good friends came down to visit, too -- the Minion Ryan (was this his 1,005th gig?); our finely tuned resident Renaissance Man, Lenny Kaye; and Greg Smith of Tommy James and the Shondells.  We pulled out a particularly raucous version of the Communication Breakdown medley, at which point a gentleman in the audience fainted and had to be carried out.  Our bad.

We're on to Baltimore and searching for a glimpse of John Waters' mustache, as he is rumored to be hangin' out somewhere in these parts...

Awww shucks.....make me

Awww shucks.....make me blush.


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