Arch Angels

So, there's a gargantuan, glistening arch planted right here in the front yard of the Hyatt (Riot) House in St. Louis, MO, where we are presently holed up.  They tell us this is the "Gateway to the West."  It's either that, or the biggest McDonald's we've ever seen.

Either way, we plan to pass through it on our way to Blueberry Hill tonight where we'll revisit the Duck Room, which is Chuck Berry's monthly residency and local hangout.  Had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with Chuck once, when I was on the road with Ronnie Spector and we played a musical gala at the G8 Conference in Denver.  He was a real gentleman and when I asked if he'd pose for a pic, he got this mischievous look on his face and just before the photographer clicked, he grabbed me and swept me up into his arms -- just like carryin' the bride across the threshold!  It was a real smooth move.

[caption id="attachment_136" align="alignnone" width="372" caption="The Smooth Move"]StephandChuck

Blueberry Hill, meanwhile, is covered with pics of Chuck and his Rock Royalty buds.  Most numerous are the shots of Chuck and Keef.  The two of them together?  Simply: It doesn't get cooler than this.

[caption id="attachment_141" align="alignleft" width="430" caption="The Coolest Duo on Earth"]IMG_1158[/caption]

Tomorrow, back through the Arch, which also happens to be the "Gateway to the East" (depending upon which side you are standing), back into Eastern Standard Time and onward to Pittsburgh.  Hail!  Hail! Rock and Roll!  -sjp

Simply Beyond Fantastic!!!!

Simply Beyond Fantastic!!!! We had a great time last night at the Duck Room. You gals are incredible musicians as well as very nice
people. Kevin, Tom, and I will spread the word!!! I know the Chicago show will be a blast for you guys. It is a great city and you will have a full house. I will contact my friends and let them know your show is a must see. ----Until we meet again---- Bill


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