Magick Bus

Detroit Rock City.  20-something degrees with flurries on the way.  Yet it is smoldering inside the Magic Bag where a record number of Lez Zep lovers have gathered to celebrate with us and recite the incantations of sonic ceremony.  In such a time of economic duress, it is heartwarming to see a packed house of people, many of whom tell us that they are grateful to forget their troubles for just a little while.  We have many loyal fans and friends here, and there's no doubt that Detroit is a place where the music lives and breathes.

Tho’ our ears are still ringing from the night before, where we ‘donned the cape’ to grace the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh – a former church that is now an extremely cool new club in the warehouse district that resembles the old New York City rock/goth outpost, Limelight – we arrive early in order to catch a bit of our opening band, Broadzilla.  A serious power trio of hard rockin’ chicks from these parts, they do a splendid job of tenderizing the audience for what follows: a two-and a half hour non-stop assault and then a bunch of encores, including “How Many More Times,” which we’ve reintroduced to the set with glee.  A particularly feral version of “Whole Lotta Love” just about wipes us out, which is strangely fortunate.  For the numbing effect serves well to keep us somewhat calm when our driver, Scott, arrives to inform us that our dear Darlene will not start!

It was bound to happen at some point on this maiden voyage, but we are particularly tickled that she waited for the first seriously cold day to drop her pants.  Of course, the two might be connected: Is it cold feet?  Is it the alternator?  The voltage regulator?  A bad battery?  PMS?  No matter, our hosts at the club ply us with nite caps while we wait for the Good Sam Club to jump us, and after an hour or so of chillin’ (literally), we manage somehow to roll just long enough to coast into the parking lot of our hotel, where Darlene summarily dies again.

Nevertheless, the crew is up bright and early and manages to get the bus to a battery man, who duly replaces one of the giant Ray-O-Vacs, and we are on our way to Chicago.  Broomstick not required…

Great show in Pittsburgh

Great show in Pittsburgh Thursday night (even if Shannon didn't know what day it was!), I've seen the band here five times now and loved every show. I particularly liked 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' this time. Get the bus fixed and "Ramble On"!


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