Ten years gone. Ten more to follow...

In 2009, there was  the majestic drone of India, the crowded, magical streets of Mumbai, jamming in the back lounge of our mighty tour bus at three in morning by candlelight, bare-footing the waves at Venice Beach, the rain on a (hot) tin roof in Birmingham, Alabama that grows thunderous after the crowds have gone and the last of the gear is moved out.

The towering mountains of Colorado moving into shade at sundown as Train navigates the bends of I-90; falling on one's ass during a guitar solo in Chicago, slamming the ferocious final triplets of "How Many More Times" into submission at the Gibson studios, the sight of our most generously bequeathed vintage gear piled high in road cases waiting for revenge, the din of shouts for a third encore at Dewey Beach, the first wild ride around Glen Cove in the our noble, great white road warrior, "Darlene!" 

A Johnny Walker Black bottle filled with dollar notes patiently in wait until the one-year anniversary of the longest U.S. Lez Zep tour in the history of the band.  (They will most likely be used to buy more Johnny Walker...) These are only some of the flashbacks still floating about our eyes and ears when we think back on the unforgettable bluster and adventure of the last year. And through it all we learned some things.  Namely: Change is the only thing we can count on; music is love; and Zeppelin is that love that we will bring to you with everything we've got (and some things we don't!) in 2010. 

We will show no mercy in this outrageous undertaking, so get ready to rock on! Whole Lotta Love to everyone -- old fans and new -- who came out to support us and join in the sound in 2009.  You make it all real. -- LEZ ZEPPELIN

Thank you so much for what

Thank you so much for what you do, you're truly the best. Boise loves you!


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